MT Head Brewing Company is a must-visit. Excellent beers from an excellent brewer. A whole line of brews that everyone can enjoy. You owe it to yourself to stop in.

Happy Customer

Tim and Renee run one of the friendliest and tastiest breweries!  Tim’s beers highlight his knowledge and taste of what delicious craft beer is all about.  He has a passion for brewing that is showcased in a full range of beers that are sure to please any palette.   We especially like his IPAs and

Tina and Paul Ryckman

What tasty brews! The original location became the weekend pub for so many locals. Now Walla Walla gets to enjoy it. You’ll feel welcomed as a friend by Tim and stay for the great beer. Set aside some time because you will find as many as 14 brews on tap from the Golden Ale to Punter’s Red, some great IPA’s on to my favorite Dark Marc.

You may find a beer as good as MT Head, but you won’t find one better.